Genuine Smiles

Patient Reviews

Dr. Jade Gan has been my dentist for 5 years. Besides being unusually warm and engaging and caring, her professional dentistry and diagnostic skills are the best I have experienced. In the time of Covid, Dr. Gan went out of her way in her new private dental practice to provide an extremely COVID safe Dental office environment for myself as a COVID high risk health individual. Can't recommend her more highly.


I just came to this office for the first time today and had a very good experience and will definitely stick with Genuine Smiles after this! Very friendly and communicative team of talented staff here, they made me feel comfortable and Covid safe. I felt no pain with my numbing shot or the filling, and you can watch your choice of Netflix show during procedures with headphones that help block noise. I highly recommend Genuine Smiles Family Dentistry!


Dr. Gan was amazing with me. I was in so much pain when I came to her. She was compassionate and gentle. She followed up with me afterwards, just above and beyond. I highly recommend her.


This is not your dental office, technician, office assistant and it's definitely not your dentist! Dr. Jade Gan is forward thinking, it shows in the office details, staff and the utmost comprehensive exam and care. The office is modern but cozy, artzy quips of positivity on the walls and funnies too. I was at ease. Recently, I saw my dentist because I was in pain, my dentist said nothing is wrong...sent me home. This doctor found the source and put a plan in motion. I've been walking around with a Crack in my molar. Go figure. The Dr and her staff really care. Thank you, I will be going no where else. PS The Dr has a sense of humor too!😊


We were so glad to be patients of Dr. Gan again now that she has opened her practice in Mill Creek. She is friendly, open, honest and has state of the art technogy, and the expertise to make a trip to the dentist a pleasant one...... A difficult feat for sure!


Just had my first exam at Genuine Smiles yesterday and it was the most comprehensive one I've ever had! Dr. Gan took x-rays AND pictures of all my teeth and showed me all my pictures. She explained everything very clearly and was very patient with me. She's also so sassy and funny! The office is beautiful and everything is so new and fancy. All the staff is super nice too. Highly recommended!