Genuine Smiles


Genuine Smiles sees each patient as a part of a larger family or circle of friends. We believe in treating patients as such and as individuals with hopes, dreams, goals, and not just another face in the crowd. It is important to us that each patient feels a sense of belonging in our practice.

We believe that dental health is only part of one’s overall health. Sometimes there are things that we may notice as part of our exam that will serve as clues to what may be going on in other parts of the body. We want to make sure that you get not only the best dental care but that you also get great overall care. We believe in interdisciplinary medicine and may suggest exploring all options for health care. If we’re not able to help, we’re dedicated to helping you find an expert who can.

We recognize that everyone has their own value system as to what’s most important to them. Our goal is to provide each patient with information, so that we can collaboratively come up with a treatment plan that matches the patient’s goals. We strive to present the information in an accessible and easy to understand manner, perhaps even in a fun way.

The science and technology of dentistry keeps changing. These changes may provide more options and solutions for the patients. We dedicate to actively pursue continuing education opportunities and keep up with dental innovation to provide the best care for patients.

Lastly, we believe that we have been blessed with talents and passions for a reason. We plan to use those talents and passions to positively impact and influence our community through service and donating our time and resources. We hope to encourage other communities to similarly strive to improve and give back to the surrounding community.

We realize that you could have chosen any dental practice, but we are so grateful that you chose us. We are excited to create a relationship based on mutual trust and respect and to help you make changes that allow you to achieve your goals.